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ATLAS Ballast Bag by Mission

ATLAS Ballast Bag by Mission

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ATLAS ballast bags are the perfect solution for when you need to throw some weight around. Whether you’re trying to create the perfect surf wave, get your boat on-plane, or just hold your gear in place, ATLAS gives you the flexibility to quickly add up to 50 pounds of weight right where you need it. Two fill options available, pre-filled with 50 pounds of steel shot or select the DIY fill system and


ATLAS is designed to complement your built-in system or water bags so you can tweak your wave. Perfect for when you don’t have any passengers to act as human ballast – or when they’re tired of getting shuffled around.


Some boats have trouble getting on-plane unless there’s a passenger sitting in the bow, or at anything other than high-speed. ATLAS can help you improve the performance of you boat while cruising and keep you from burning excess fuel.


To help cut down on shipping costs, and give you control over exactly how much weight you’re packing in, ATLAS features a do-it-yourself fill system. Just grab some steel shot, sand, gravel, or whatever you’ve got lying around to dial-in your weight.


Featuring a heavy-duty handle for easy carrying, ripstop nylon for durability, a non-skid bottom to keep it in place, and a padded interior that’s gentle on surfaces (and toes), ATLAS is built to work whenever and wherever you need it. The liner bag is also water and rupture resistant to keep your fill where it belongs and prevent it from taking on water.


ATLAS bags aren’t a one-trick pony. They’re perfectly comfortable keeping your tent, temporary structure, camera stand, or equipment in place so you can free up your hands, stop worrying, and start getting on with your day.


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